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Arizona's most efficient and cost effective medical billing and practice management service

We will provide you with your own Practice Management/Clearinghouse Software that is internet based and completely HIPPA secure. You will have the ability to log in with your own user name and password anywhere you have internet access. We are fully transparent and you will be able to oversee your account.


We are your Telemedicine experts! Let us help you with your telemedicine questions and billing.

At Integrity Medical Billing we take the frustration out of claim submission and patient billing. With our proven claims submission and time tested procedures we promise to keep your 120 day aging under 4%. Our experience with billing AHCCCS, DES, Medicare and all private commercial payers make this goal a reality. We take pride in offering exceptional service at a competitive rate. There are no hidden fees or charges. Our fee can be based on a percentage of collections (we only get paid for what we collect) or we will be glad to negotiate a monthly flat fee. We give caring and personal service to our providers and their patients and have the references to prove it.

Our client base includes; Family Practice, OB/GYN, CRNFA, Gastroenterology, Rheumatology, Surgical, Geratric Medicine, Chiropractic, Psychiatry, Psycology, and other Behavioral Health Providers and Facilities.

We are very experienced in Behavioral Health claim submission.


Let us work your aging. We are aging specialists. Receive revenue from claims and past-due accounts you thought no longer available (this is done on a percentage of what is collected). We know the "in's and out's" of how to properly submit appeals to insurance companies.

"Do What You Do Best And Outsource The Rest"

8 Reasons To Consider Medical Billing Outsourcing

1. You are a doctor, not a billing operation. An outside medical billing service can free up staff to perform other essential operations that sometimes get pushed aside. Likewise, outsourcing can also prevent your billing, collections, and follow up on denials from being pushed aside as so often happens when the office gets busy.

2. Stay current with the latest updates. Insurance carriers are constantly changing their rules and making updates. Compliance and regulatory agencies do as well. When the mandated switch to ICD-10 coding occurs, there will be even more to keep current with. The focus of a professional biller is on the pulse of healthcare billing.

3. Reduce denials and increase collections. Denials can run up to 30% or more of a practice's billing. Sometimes collections are allowed to go past a collectible date. A medical billing specialist is dedicated to getting as much of your money for you as possible. After all, they do not get paid if you do not get paid.

4. Keep compliant without the cost. What does it cost to train, educated and implement a compliance plan for your staff. When you outsource, the cost of compliance and a compliance officer is taken on by the billing company who in turn is able to spread their cost out over several clients.

5. Reduce expenses. This is a result of the last two reasons, as well as it is just more efficient when outsourcing. The cost to hire, train, and employ an in-house biller can far exceed that of sending your claims filing to an outside source. You pay your staff whether your denials and unpaid claims are 30% or 2%. For an outside biller, their pay is tied to your pay. Their motivation to collect your money for you is often times greater.

6. Technology is expensive - and requires constant updates. In-house billing software is expensive. And it requires constant updates which are expensive. Even if you use web-based applications, there are monthly costs associated with those as well. Pass these costs off to a billing company.

7. Payroll is one of your biggest expenses. The Society of Human Resources Management estimates that the cost of recruiting, hiring, and training a new employee is $3500. Hiring competent help can be hard. Factor in sick time, vacation time, employee turnover, benefits, taxes on employees and the cost of keeping billing in-house can add up.

8. Reduce employee theft. It is unfortunate that I have to put this reason here, but you would be surprised at some of the circumstances, situations and stories we have come across. Having one person in-house handle the billing and the money could create and unwanted opportunity. Having and outside company handle claims filing will not completely eliminate this threat. However, an independent medical billing specialist crates another "Check and Balance". It is always a good idea to split the responsibilities that involve money between a few people. This is not always possible in-house.

The cost savings just keep adding up when you outsource your medical billing.

Letting go can be hard to do. Sending your billing outside can feel like you are giving up control, and that is a reasonable concern. After all, your claims are what keep the lights on. But you do not have to give up control when you outsource your billing. Ask questions, discuss expectations, keep a good line of communication and make sure you are provided with reports.

A good Medical Billing Company can be a powerful partner to the success of your Practice.

We look forward to giving you the best service possible.

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